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Latest News on Inflation

This valuable section provides you the latest news on inflation. Also included is the Market Preview and calendar of economic indicators. It is updated regularly. This section is divided into two parts:

  • Latest News on Inflation
  • On-Going & Up-coming News on Inflation

Latest News On InflationFor the latest news on InflationClick Here

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Ongoing & Up-Coming News On Inflation

Up-Coming Economic Forecast and Calendar
Provides a highly detailed calendar of coming economic indicators and forecasted data. Registration may be required. More

On-going CBS.MarketWatch Economic Preview
On-going news and analysis on the economy. Registration may be required. More

Latest Analysis & Commentary on Inflation

This valuable section contains the latest Analysis & Commentary on

Investors to key on Fed risk analysis  3/18/02–
Three-quarters of Wall Street bond firms and a majority of private-sector economists think the central bank panel is ready to shift its risk assessment to neutral. That is, the group will say it now sees risks balanced between the threat of inflation from too strong a rebound and a still sputtering economy as 2002 progresses. More

Fed May Signal Less Risk to Expansion  3/17/02
NYT/Reuters–“Many analysts took this to suggest that at the March 19 Fed meeting, Greenspan and his colleagues will abandon their warning that economic weakness, not inflation, is the greatest concern.” 

Forecasters Lowered their Inflation Expectations  3/8/02

CBS.MW-Rex Nutting–Short article outlining coming economic trends, including forecast that inflation will remain low. Registration may be required.  More

Researcher’s Bold Forecasts Hit Mark  3/7/02
CBS.MW-Thom Calandra–Betting on inflationary pressures. Registration may be required. More

CPI Doesn’t Need to be Fixed    2/22/02
NEW YORK (CBS.MW) — Those statisticians in the Labor Department who want to publish a new consumer price index because they believe that the current CPI overstates inflation should talk to their parents. More

Good Deflation    2/18/02–Bad deflation is driven by paltry demand. The good kind comes from tech advances and excess supply, last seen in the 1920s. The winner: Treasurys. More

CPI Could Fuel Inflation Scares  2/15/02
WASHINGTON (CBS.MW) — Maybe it’s the return of Paul Volcker to the front pages or maybe it’s the imminent return of growth to the American economy.  Whatever the cause, many people are beginning to get apprehensive about inflation again. Registration may be required. More

Inflation Trends & Forecast- Charts and Tables

This section contains:

      • Charts on Inflation Trends & Forecast
      • Tables on Inflation Trends & Forecast 


Monthly CPI Chart
FTF–Simple chart that contains the monthly CPI from 1994 to present. Also
provides the 12 month moving average. Chart

Yearly CPI-U (Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers)  Chart
FTF–Chart that contains the annual CPI-U from 1994 to present. Also provides the annual CPI-U less food and energy.  Chart

Moore Inflation Forecaster
MIP–The Moore Inflation Predictor (MIP) is said to be a highly accurate graphical representation of the future direction of the inflation rate.  Chart


Forbes/Bridge Consensus Economic Forecast–Table provides current and forecast data on the economy, inflation,
prices, currency and interest rates. Table

Inflation Rates Throughout the World
U.S.D.L.–Table provides current inflation rates (consumer prices) by country. Table

Consumer Price Index (CPI-U) for All Urban Consumers
U.S.D.L.–Table provides monthly Consumer Price Index rates for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) from 1913 to present. Table

Planning Your Inflation-Ready Retirement & Investments

You will find a wealth of information in this section to begin or improve your retirement. Look for these topics:

      • The Basics about Retirement & Inflation
      • Planning Your Inflation-Ready Retirement
      • Opinions & Articles

The Basics

How Much Do You Need for Retirement?
CNBC–The income you’ll have in retirement can change dramatically based on the types of investments you choose, how much you want to leave your heirs and the lifestyle you hope to lead.More

Understanding the Impact of Inflation
CNBC– Inflation is essentially dead so you don’t have to worry about it anymore, right? Think again as you read the impact inflation has on your money over time. More

What to do if You’re 55 and Haven’t Saved a Dime
CNBC–You’re 10 years from retirement and have barely a penny to show for it. Time’s a-wastin’, so take these quick steps to get you started on a stronger retirement track. More

How Will Inflation and Taxes Effect Your Investments?–Good and simple calculator that takes your current investment and factors return, inflation and taxes to estimate it’s future value. Valuable at showing what your investment will give you in today’s dollar.
Investment Calculator


Plan Your Retirement with the Retirement Planner– Have you set aside enough retirement money to last your lifetime? The earlier you start, the easier it will be. This is one the best retirement planners offered on the Web. Has built-in, flexible, inflation component.
Plan Your Retirement

The All-Purpose Financial Goal Planner–Whether you’re saving for your kids’ college education, a second home, or a dream trip around the world, the basic question usually boils down to: “How much do I need to sock away every month to make it happen?”
Plan for Your Financial Goals

Compute Your Social Security Benefits, with Inflation
Social Security Administration–Easy format to figure your benefits, taking inflation into account. Has a simply option, or a more extensive option that figures all form of benefits. Also has methods to request information about your SS records.   Benefit Calulators

How Long do You Think You’ll Live? Try The Life Expectancy Calculator
MSN– Your life expectancy is influenced by a number of factors, from your family history to your personal lifestyle. Please begin by entering some basic information about yourself, then select “Family History” to the left.
Opinion & Articles

Inflation-beating Returns, Guaranteed
CNBC– Treasury inflation-protected securities are back in vogue, promising jittery investors security and moderate growth. It looks — finally — like they can deliver, but there are risks. More

What Did Something Cost 100 Years Ago?

You should have bought that $200,000 house in 1950 when it cost $27,000… This sections provides a collection of the best inflation calculators that can calculate the value of items from the 1800’s through today. Also, check out how inflation has impacted specific items over that last 100+ years, below.

The Inflation Calculator
The following form adjusts any given amount of money for inflation, according to the Consumer Price Index, from 1800 to 2001. Calculator

What’s a Dollar Worth?
This is a good calculator to compare the cost of an item, or the dollar, anywhere from 1913 through 2002.

What Was the Price of Specific Items- Then and Now?
Here are several charts that visually show of inflation has impacted the price.

  • Price of Gasoline 1949 to 1999, in Current and Constant (2000) Dollars Chart
  • Movie ticket prices from various years in current and inflation-adjusted (2000) Dollars  Chart
  • Mean and Median Family Income 1947 to 1998, in Current and Constant (1998) Dollars, from Census Bureau Chart
  • Price of Gold 1835 to 1999, in Current and Constant (2000) Dollars  Chart
  • Various of other subjects and expenditures to view  More

Learn More About Inflation and the Consumer Price Index

This is a great section for the best internet inflation education tools. Soon we will be adding education tools for teens and children for learning the basics about how inflation works.

CPI Frequently Asked Questions
U.S.D.L.–List of frequently asked questions with simple, thoroughly answers. More

Inflation- An Introduction–Good source for learning or teaching more on inflation.
Has handy index for easy maneuvering. More

What is Inflation?
Pipeline–Simple definition and comment on inflation.  More

Money and Inflation.
Hummel–Source includes well-designed layout on Money, inflation and other topics. More

Other Views of Inflation

Wallpaper your apartment with aluminum foil and keep and eye out for those black helicopters. We will be adding the less common views in this section as they come to our attention.

Inflation- Who Says it’s Dead?
Hodges–Author says “Few citizens know that a few years ago government changed how they measure and report inflation, as if that would stop it – – but families know better when they pay their bills for food, medical costs, energy, property taxes, etc”. More

The Great Government Swindle
English author that hold the position that inflation in a government conspiracy. More